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Geography (GEO)

GEO Courses

  • The Learning Environment

    The Learning Environment

    Geography teaches a wide variety of courses to a broad spectrum of students. The department currently offers a BA degree in Geography, where students may receive a general education in geography or they may wish to specialize in Earth Systems Science or Urban and Regional Analysis. The department also offers degrees in International Trade (BA) and Geographic Information Science (BS). Introductory courses include relatively large enrollment classes that embrace a range of media sources, active learning exercises, fieldtrips, technology, and remote options to enhance the learning experience. Upper-division courses tend to include relatively smaller class sizes with unrivaled opportunities to engage students in research and thematic discourse, to use state-of-the-art technology and software, and to gain practical experience through independent projects, directed research, and internship opportunities with local stakeholders. The department also contributes substantively to general education.

    About Our Facilities

    Geography has created and maintains unique facilities to enhance the educational and research opportunities of its students. The Geographic Information and Analysis Laboratory is a multipurpose computing facility that supports the teaching and research needs of geospatial sciences with site licenses for specialized software packages. Dedicated laboratory space is available to pursue active learning in environmental sciences, including a variety of equipment and state-of-the-art facilities for students to use. Technology classrooms are available to serve the spectrum of informal seminar and recitation classes to relatively large lecture-hall courses.

    About Our Faculty

    Geography has a diverse faculty in terms of disciplinary focus, composition, and real-world experience. The department has around 20 faculty that can be grouped into the following specializations: Earth Systems Science, Geographic Information Science, International Trade, and Urban and Regional Analysis. Faculty members represent the global community (hailing from North America, Europe, and several locations in Asia), and they come to the University at Buffalo after pursuing graduate degrees or post-doctoral or tenure-track positions at major national and international universities, conducting research at federal laboratories, or working in industry. All faculty have active research programs and are often supported with extramural funds from NIH, NSF, government agencies, and industry. Several faculty members have earned the rank of SUNY Distinguished Professor and have been awarded the Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Scholarship and Creative Activities and Teaching, while others have been recognized for their contributions to international education and graduate student mentoring. The department is supported by about 12 teaching assistants and several adjunct instructors who assist in the learning experience.

    Faculty List Directory

    Please visit the Geography department website for additional information about our faculty.

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Published: Nov 21, 2022 11:35:57