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Class Attendance

Since the university desires to promote student responsibility, there is no general rule concerning student class attendance; however, every class instructor shall provide to students a course syllabus during the first week of class that specifies attendance policies and dates and times for classes, exams and all other required activities. Classes are to meet at the time and at the location listed in the official university course schedule, unless changed with the consent of the entire class. Instructors may take account of unexcused absences in determining course grades. However, participation in various university activities (i.e. athletics) may require class absence.

Students may be justifiably absent from classes due to military obligations, religious observances, illness documented by a physician or other appropriate health care professional, conflicts with university-sanctioned activities documented by an appropriate university administrator, public emergencies, and documented personal or family emergencies. The student is responsible for notifying the instructor in writing with as much advance notice as possible. Instructors may determine a reasonable amount of coursework that should be completed in order to make up the student’s absence. Students are responsible for the prompt completion of any alternative assignments.

In the event that a student absence situation cannot be resolved between the student and the class instructor, or either party is aggrieved by the process, appeal shall proceed sequentially to the department chair, unit dean, and finally the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs.

For information regarding Procedures for Military Call-Up during the semester, please refer to the Undergraduate Leave of Absence forms.

Published: Jan 25, 2023 08:02:22