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Diversity Courses

Diversity in the United States Courses

AAS 100: Introduction African American Studies (LEC)

AAS 261: African American History (LEC)

AAS 264: Black Child in America (SEM)

AAS 271: African American Literature (LEC)

AAS 275: Black and Female (SEM)

AAS 293: Race, Law and Society (SEM)

AAS 395: Black Gender Studies (SEM)

AAS 324: Black Writers (LEC)

AAS 355: Race, Class and Society (SEM)

AAS 358: African Diaspora (SEM)

AAS 425: Liberation Struggles of the African Diaspora (SEM)

AAS 460: Black Women in US History (SEM)

AMS 100: Indian Image on Film (LEC)

AMS 102: The Asian American Experience (LEC)

AMS 107: Introduction to American Studies (LR)

AMS 179: Introduction to Native American History (SEM)

AMS 264: Black Child in America (SEM)

AMS 281: Native Americans and the Colonial Problem

AMS 293: Race, Law, and Society (SEM)

AMS 301: Introduction to Native American Women (SEM)

AMS 358: Africa Diaspora (SEM)

APY 106: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (LEC)

APY 275: Culture, Health and Illness (LEC)

APY 304: Food and Culture (LEC)

APY 323: Anthropology and Education (LEC)

APY 315: Cross-Cultural Study of Women (SEM)

APY 385: Music and American Nightlife (LEC)

APY 477: Culture and Disability (SEM)

ARC 211: American Diversity and Design (LLB)

AS 110: The Asian American Experience (LEC)

ASL 211: Introduction to Deaf Studies (LEC)

CEP 412: Diversity and Human Relations (LEC)

COL 200: "We the People": On Democracy and Justice in America (LR)

DAC 250: Global Dance Studies (SEM)

DMS 213: Immigration and Film (LEC)

DMS 448: Games, Gender and Culture (SEM)

ELP 200: Foundations of Education Policy and Leadership for Social Justice (SEM)

ELP 407: Language, Culture and Education in Global Society (LEC)

ENG 211: American Pluralism in Literature and Culture (LEC)

ENG 270: Asian American Literature (LEC)

ENG 271: African American Literature (LEC)

ENG 272: US Latinx/a Literature (LEC)

ENG 333: American Literature to Civil War (LEC)

ENG 346: Comparative Ethnic Lits (LEC)

ENG 349: Literature of Migration (LEC)

ENG 370: Critical Race Theory (LEC)

GEO 367: Urban Social Geography (LEC)

GGS 101: Introduction Gender and Women Studies (LEC)

GGS 109: Introduction to Sexuality Studies

GGS 228: Introduction to Feminist Theory (SEM)

GGS 264: Black Child in America (SEM)

GGS 265: Sexuality and Cultures (SEM)

GGS 285: Race, Law & Society (SEM)

GGS 324: Controlling Reproduction (SEM)

GGS 341: Social History of Women in the United States (LEC)

GGS 354: Race, Class and Society (SEM)

GGS 460: Black Women in United States History (SEM)

HIS 161: United States History 1 (LR)

HIS 162: United States History 2 (LR)

HIS 209: The American Civil War (LEC)

HIS 216: Crime and Punishment in America (LEC)

HIS 217: Civil Rights in America (LEC)

HIS 240: Alcohol and Other Drugs in American History (LEC)

HIS 243: History of Eugenics (LEC)

HIS 244: American Business History (LEC)

HIS 274: Bodies at War (LEC)

HIS 303: Americans and their Governments (LEC)

HIS 311: The Early Republic (LEC)

HIS 329: US History Since WWII (LEC)

HIS 341: Social History of Women in the United States (LEC)

HIS 345: U.S. Disability History (LEC)

HIS 351: Colonial America to 1763 (LEC)

HIS 356: Social History Women, 1875 - present (LEC)

HIS 360: Social History of Sports & Recreation (LEC)

HIS 366: History of LBGTQ America (LEC)

HIS 376: African-American History to 1877 (LEC)

HIS 379: African-American History, 1877 - present (LEC)

HIS 447: Health and Illness in American (SEM)

HIS 468: Black Women in United States History (SEM)

IDS 101: Introduction to Indigenous Studies (LEC)

IDS 103: Introduction to Haudenosaunee Languages and Culture (LEC)

IDS 104: Introduction to Land-Based Learning (LEC)

IDS 201: Introduction to Contemporary and Critical Indigenous Studies (LEC)

IDS 204: Indigenous Environmental Justice (LEC)

IDS 206: Indigenous Women: History and Theory (SEM)

IDS 207: Indigenous Resistance and Resurgence (SEM)

IDS 270: Indigenous Film Studies (LEC)

IDS 272: Indigenous Literature (LEC)

IDS 306: Indigenous Feminisms (SEM)

IDS 312: Six Nations Peoples in Contemporary Times

LIN 200: Language in Pluralistic America (LEC)

LIN 201: Creoles, Pidgins and Mixed Languages and Cultures (LEC)

PSC 225: Equality and Justice in the United States (LEC)

PSC 293: Race and the Law (LEC)

PSC 301: Cases in Civil Liberties (LEC)

RLL 201: Creoles, Pidgins and Mixed Languages and Cultures (LEC)

SOC 101: Introduction to Sociology (DIS - Remote)

SOC 101: Introduction to Sociology (LEC)

SOC 204: Social Justice (SEM)

SOC 206: Social Problems (LEC)

SOC 211: Sociology of Diversity (LEC)

SOC 229: Population Problems (LEC)

SOC 304: Sociology of Aging (LEC)

SOC 307: Criminology (LEC)

SOC 308: Sociology of the Life Course (LEC)

SOC 313: Sociology of Families (LEC)

SOC 314: Sociology of Gender (LEC)

SOC 318: Gender and Work (LEC)

SOC 319: Juvenile Justice (LEC)

SOC 321: Race and Ethnicity (LEC)

SOC 322: Medical Sociology (LEC)

SOC 324: Sociology of Immigration (LEC)

SOC 328: Social Inequality (LEC)

SOC 331: Wealth and Poverty (LEC)

SOC 332: Work, Employment and Society (LEC)

SOC 348: Urban Sociology (LEC)

SOC 362: Families and Inequality (LEC)

SOC 363: Families and Public Policy (LEC)

SOC 378: Social Inequalities and Health (LEC)

SOC 385: Neighborhoods and Health (LEC)

SOC 387: Sociology of Race and Racism (LEC)

SOC 390: Race, Class, Gender in the U.S. Military (LEC)

SSC 320: Issues in Developmental Disabilities (SEM)

SSC 363: The Aging Process (LEC)

SSC 417: Working with Diverse Populations (SEM)

SW 130: Dismantling Anti-Blackness: On Becoming Antiracist (SEM)

SW 320: Black Male-Female Relationships (LEC)

TH 220: Performing in America (LEC)

Inactive Diversity in the United States Courses

The following courses also meet the Diversity in the United States requirement, but are not currently offered. Articulations to these courses will satisfy Diversity in the United States.

  • APY 160: Anthropology and American Life (SEM)
  • APY 276: Introduction to Ethnomedicine (LEC)
  • ENG 274: Feminist Approaches to Literature (LEC)
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