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Leave of Absence

Students who will not be enrolling at the university in an upcoming semester should file a Leave of Absence Form with the university in order to secure their status at the time the leave of absence begins. Students seeking a leave of absence must contact an academic advisor prior to the semester the leave is to begin, especially in cases when students intend to visit another college or university. Forms requesting a leave of absence are available on the Office of the Registrar website.

A leave of absence may be granted for a maximum of two consecutive semesters but may be renewed for up to an additional year. No more than four semesters of leave of absence are allowed during an undergraduate career. Students may return before the end of their leave of absence, but cannot exceed the approved leave of absence period. Students returning early from a Leave of Absence must contact the Office of the Registrar to be term activated for the semester they originally thought they were going to be away. Students who exceed the leave of absence period are required to re-enter UB via the Office of Admissions re-entry process.

Students must have at least 2.000 UB GPA to be eligible for a leave of absence. Those students who leave UB without having completed at least one semester (student with no UB GPA) are ineligible for a Leave of Absence and will have to file a re-entry form with the Office of Admissions in order to be re-admitted to the university. Students with grades of R or W in their first semester do qualify for a Leave of Absence.

Students requesting an extension to their Leave of Absence for military service must attached a copy of their orders to the Leave request.

Students attending other colleges or universities during the approved leave of absence period are required to submit official transcripts of academic work from those institutions. Final transcripts must be submitted to the Office of Admissions at the beginning of the returning semester. College credits earned at other institutions during the leave period will be evaluated as transfer credit. These credits may satisfy major and/or university requirements. For assistance in course selection and subsequent articulation with UB coursework, students should contact an academic advisor and TAURUS, UB’s course articulation system.

Students who are leaving the university to complete their last semester at another school and would like to graduate from UB should file a Leave of Absence Form in order to keep their UB email account active. Additionally, they must Apply for Graduation (on their HUB Student Center via MyUB) before the appropriate deadline date and regularly check their UB email for graduation-related correspondence.

Leaves of absence are not approved retroactively. Students who leave the university without an approved Leave of Absence will need to fill out a Re-entry Form with the Office of Admissions. Upon re-admittance, these students will be obligated to follow new academic policies, degree and university requirements, and re-apply to their academic majors.

Published: Jan 25, 2023 08:02:23