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Math and Quantitative Reasoning Placement

The Mathematics Department requires an assessment to determine readiness of any student wishing to enroll in a first semester calculus course, including MTH 121, MTH 131, and MTH 141Visit the Mathematics Department website for further information on how to take the Math Readiness Assessment (MRA).

Students must achieve the following scores on the relevant components on the MRA to meet the enrollment requirements for MTH 121/MTH 131/MTH 141, respectively:

Math Readiness Assessment
Calculus CourseMath Fundamentals Min Score RequiredAdvanced Algebra Min Score RequiredTrigonometry and Analytic Geometry Min Score Required
MTH 12170/10070/100N/A
MTH 13170/10070/100N/A
MTH 14170/10070/10070/100

Additionally, any student with a grade of C or better in ULC 148 may automatically enroll in MTH 121, MTH 131 or MTH 141

Guidance for conditional placement in Calculus 1 (MTH 121/MTH 131/MTH 141). Final enrollment eligibility based on MRA scores listed above:

  • Students who have taken calculus in high school should be conditionally placed in MTH 121, MTH 131 or MTH 141 (as relevant for their choice of major).
  • For students who have not taken calculus in high school, three indicators should be considered; fourth year of High School Math, Regents Exam Scores, and SAT score.  Each indicator may be positive, moderate or concerning, according to the following chart:
Guidance for Conditional enrollment in Calculus 1
  SAT score Regents score Fourth year math
Positive 680 or higher for MTH 141, 630 or higher for MTH 121/ MTH 131. All are 80 or higher for MTH 141. All are 75 or higher for MTH 121/ MTH 131. Pre-Calculus
Moderate 610-670 for MTH 141. 560-620 for MTH 121/ MTH 131. Two are 80 or higher for MTH 141. Two are 75 or higher for MTH 121/ MTH 131. Fourth year of math was taken but was not Pre-Calculus.
Concerning 600 or lower for MTH 141. 550 or lower for MTH 121/ MTH 131. Fewer scores are at least 80 for MTH 141. Fewer scores are at least 75 for MTH 121/ MTH 131. No fourth year of math.
  • Where a Regents Exam score is unavailable, most NYS High Schools will have provided a numerical course grade, which can be used instead of the exam score. When using course grade a benchmark of 88 instead of 80 should be used, or 82 instead of 75. If no numerical course grade is available, a letter grade of B or better may be used as the benchmark.
  • Students with all positive indicators are very likely to gain enrollment into the Calculus 1 course of their choice through achievement of the requisite MRA scores.
  • Students with all negative indicators are very unlikely to show readiness (through MRA scores) for enrollment into the Calculus course of their choice.
  • Students with mixed indicators are likely to need multiple attempts of the MRA with periods of self-study in between in order to attain MRA scores needed for Calculus enrollment. Factors such as the flexibility of the chosen program, and the student's commitment to reviewing material between MRA attempts should be considered.
Published: Oct 06, 2022 08:27:04