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Non-Degree Seeking Student Policies

A matriculated student is one who has applied and has been officially accepted to the university through an undergraduate admission process and is considered to be pursuing a degree.

A non-degree seeking (non-matriculated) student is one who is enrolled on a semester-by-semester or course-by-course basis and has not been accepted as a regular student pursuing a degree.

The following rules apply to non-matriculated students at UB:

  • A non-matriculated student must earn a high school diploma or general education development (GED) certificate prior to enrolling in any course.
  • A non-matriculated student shall attain and maintain at least a 2.0 UB grade point average after attempting nine or more graded (A-F) undergraduate credit hours. No more than three courses taken on a satisfactory-unsatisfactory basis (grades of ‘S’ or ‘U’) shall have grades of ‘U’.
  • A non-matriculated student may enroll for a maximum number of credits as follows:
Semester/Time Period Maximum number of credits
Fall or Spring9
6-week summer session8
12-week summer session14
Summer session (Total of both 6-week and 12-week sessions)14
Total credits allowed as a non-matriculated student30
  • A non-matriculated student may register for fall or spring semester courses on a space available basis beginning August 1st for fall semesters and December 1st for spring semesters.
  • A non-matriculated student may apply for admission to UB baccalaureate study. In that case, he or she shall have the UB courses taken in non-matriculated status included in the assessment for admission on the same basis as if he or she were a transfer applicant. If the student is admitted to baccalaureate study, all UB courses taken in non-matriculated status shall be included in the student’s program and considered UB courses for purposes of credits attempted and completed and grade point average.
  • A student dismissed from undergraduate study at UB or another college or university may enroll as a non-matriculated student in a UB summer or winter session upon consultation with a UB academic advisor. The student’s application and academic record will be reviewed by the Scholastic Standards Committee who will approve or deny the request. Students who enroll in a UB summer or winter session but are dismissed the previous spring or fall semester, shall be permitted to pursue the enrolled courses for summer or winter.
  • Additional criteria may be required for international students. International students should contact the International Admissions Office.
Published: Oct 06, 2022 08:27:04