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Alternative Credit Overview

After enrollment at UB, students may be awarded credit toward their university degree through methods other than completing UB course work. Examples are proficiency examinations and military training. All types of credit earned by alternative methods and accepted by UB are described below. This credit may shorten the time required to complete a UB degree, but only transfer credit awarded during the admission process for courses completed at other institutions is calculated for purposes of admission to UB. Credit awarded for transfer coursework earned before or after matriculation at UB is evaluated according to UB’s transfer credit policy.

Students should designate UB (SUNY Center Buffalo/School Code 2925) at the time they take an exam or when requesting score reports for UB. Students can request evaluation of accepted alternative credit types for possible UB credit awards by having official documentation and score reports sent directly to the Office of Admissions, University at Buffalo, 12 Capen Hall, Buffalo, NY 14260-1660.

University-level exams, passed at or above the minimum score required by UB, are awarded credit with a “P” or pass grade. (Pass grades do not affect UB grade averages.) Exams may be awarded elective credit or credit toward specific degree requirements when articulated — that is matched — to a specific UB course or degree requirement. UB articulation results for commonly requested types of alternative credit are available on the Alternative/Exam Credit web page or from the TAURUS website. Articulation for other types of alternative credit may be awarded on an ad hoc basis.

Credit will not be awarded for any exam or content that duplicates the content of a college course for which a student has already received credit or if a student has completed more advanced study, i.e. beyond the level covered by an exam. Students may use the Credit Declination/Recovery Form (PDF) at any time to decline exam or military credit that has been awarded by UB, or may recover previously declined alternative exam credit if that credit can be utilized to fulfill a degree requirement. When exam credit is not declined and the exam or its articulated course content is subsequently repeated, credit will only be awarded for the second taking. UB does not award experiential credit or accept experiential credit transferred from other institutions. Evaluation of credit earned by alternative methods is based on articulated course and requirement equivalencies in effect at the time the credit is requested. General guidelines for alternative credit types accepted by the university are described in the sections below.

Published: Oct 06, 2022 08:27:04