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Second Chance Policy

Students who have been readmitted to the University at Buffalo after having academic difficulty during previous attendance at UB may be eligible for forgiveness of previous grades. If approved:

  1. All credits and grades earned prior to the student’s break in attendance at UB will not be calculated into the student’s cumulative UB credits and GPA;
  2. All previously completed UB coursework cannot count towards degree requirements, major acceptance criteria, or course prerequisites; and
  3. Although not included in the cumulative GPA calculation, grades will remain on the transcript.

Students must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  1. Students must not have attended the University at Buffalo for at least two and a half academic years (five consecutive fall and spring semesters); and
  2. Students must demonstrate maturity and ability to succeed academically, usually through activities during their time away from UB. Examples include, but are not limited to: successful study at another higher education institution, voluntary service, full-time work in a field related to the student’s major, and honorable military service.

Applications must be submitted to the Scholastic Standards Committee prior to graduation. All Scholastic Standards Committee approvals are final and cannot be reversed. If denied, students may apply again after 12 months. Students may apply no more than three times. The Second Chance Policy can be applied to a student record only once during the student’s academic career at UB, and cannot be applied if UB’s previous academic forgiveness policy (Fresh Start) has already been applied.

Application of the Second Chance Policy may affect academic standing and financial aid. Reentering students should discuss their options with an academic advisor and a financial aid advisor. Applications must be reviewed and signed by an academic advisor.

The Second Chance Policy does not apply to transfer coursework.

Published: Oct 06, 2022 08:27:04