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Official Transcript Evaluation

UB accepts all college-level credits from regionally accredited two- or four-year degree-granting institutions. Applicants can check how their courses have been matched to UB’s courses and requirements on TAURUS, UB’s course articulation website. Students must submit an official transcript from each institution they have attended to have their courses transferred and evaluated at UB.

Courses transferred from another institution to UB will be transferred with full semester credit value. Conversion of credits from trimester, quarterly and other calendar systems will be completed based on nationally accepted practices. For example, trimester hours are generally equal to semester hours, and quarterly hours are generally equal to two-thirds semester hours.

UB also grants credit for a number of alternative forms of credit. These alternative forms of credit are not considered at the time of admission. They are added to a student’s record after starting courses at UB. Students must submit an official score report to have their alternative credit evaluated.

Students may use the Credit Declination/Recovery Form (PDF) at any time to decline transfer credit awarded by UB earned while concurrently enrolled in high school. Students may also recover previously declined transfer credit if that credit can be utilized to fulfill a degree requirement.

Additional Information

Published: Oct 06, 2022 08:27:05