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University Transfer Credit Policy

The State University of New York (SUNY) System maintains a comprehensive program to facilitate the transfer of qualified students from one SUNY institution to another. The University at Buffalo has implemented the components of SUNY Seamless Transfer and supports processes which help these qualified students transfer seamlessly from one SUNY campus to another as simply and efficiently as possible. The intention is that students who adhere to the tenets of the program will not only be able to transfer seamlessly, but earn their degrees in a timely fashion. To achieve that end, UB has delineated what is required for all four year undergraduate programs as needed to benefit from SUNY Seamless Transfer.

Within the initiative, specific prescribed programs of study are indicated in SUNY Transfer Paths which should be followed by all students seeking to transfer to another SUNY campus in one of the selected fields of study. Students wishing to transfer to UB will generally be prepared to enter UB at the junior level and graduate with that major in two years of additional study if they have fulfilled the following:

  • the Transfer Path courses
  • an Associate of Science or Arts degree or 60 credits from a bachelor’s level program;
  • at least seven of the of the ten SUNY General Education Requirements (GER); and
  • all other requirements as indicated in UB’s catalog

Students interested in transferring to UB should review the information included in UB’s catalog pages for the program as well as viewing information about transferability of courses via TAURUS, UB’s articulation website. In certain bachelor’s programs, UB offers several degree programs such as a BA and BS or BA and BFA or numerous specific concentrations within a degree. To ensure efficient transfer and timely degree completion, students are urged use the academic advising directory to contact advising units to discuss all program requirements.

UB students who choose to transfer to another SUNY campus should be eligible for junior status if they have followed the Transfer Paths and general education requirements cited above as well as fulfilling any other requirements of the campus they seek.

All students considering transfer to another SUNY campus should consult the website for SUNY Transfer Policies.

In recognition of the challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, a number of institutions required or offered students the option of pass/fail or satisfactory/unsatisfactory grading. Pass (TP) and Satisfactory (TS) grades earned in transfer coursework completed in spring 2020 at domestic higher education institutions may be applied towards UB Curriculum and major requirements.

Published: Jan 25, 2023 08:02:23